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What’s the future of Bachelor in Business Administration?

Our country is flooded with a lot of colleges offering BBA courses that provides an expert know how in various domains of business organization and management. The programs are innovative and have international focus addressing the rapid changing needs of the business industry. In some of the universities the BCom course is addressed to cater the need of the industry, hence making it market relevant.

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It has also been noted shortly that employers are looking for people having expertise in finance and accounts, those with the skill set of management and knowledge of commerce, advertisement, account, finance and marketing. After pursuing a course in BBA the chances of getting a job gets higher in fact 1 year paid on-job training for Centurion BBA and Bcom students helps in the transition of student to a highly flexible and competitive professional. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge of business to the candidates.

Starting early in the corporate world is always sought for, BBA is basically an undergraduate level program that helps them start early, a lot of students after the completion of school make a career out of it, a number of students get confused and are misguided. Students should be aware of the fact that BBA is offered in various disciplines BBA- BBA FT- Bachelor of Business Administration in Foreign Trade, BBA Finance, BBA Accounting, BBA –Entrepreneurship, BBA Management, BBA Legal studies, BBA Marketing, BBA –Management information system, BBA –Supply Chain Management.

The three years program provides aspirants with the knowledge and skills related to finance human resource and marketing in the business areas. A BBA graduate can start working after they finish their course or else they can go for the master level program and bag themselves more degree and experience.

At any point of confusion it is better to find out the strength, weaknesses, passion, liking, responsibilities and liking to inner voice. Psychometric testing is the best way to ascertain what suits you. Through this test one will get an idea of their skill making it simpler for them to decide. Counselors can also come to rescue and help you choose the best. Expert advice that in order to become successful one should love what they are doing and this brings them closer towards excellence.

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GST to Form an Integral Part of the Curriculum of BBA and B.Com Course in BBSR from 2017 Onwards

Right from the moment the GST or the Goods and Services Tax Act has been passed in the parliament, the buzz has been rife to implement the same as a part of the course curriculum in the in the Colleges across India. As a matter of fact, now that the said tax is all set to be applicable to be levied from 1st July, 2017 onwards, it becomes quintessential to educate the masses about the same. Therefore, upon this directive, the different universities across Odisha have decided to bank upon the GST Module in BBA and B.Com Course in BBSR from 2017 onwards.


In fact, many colleges and educational institutes have already incorporated a section of the said module in order to give the students a fir idea about the same, since the time the buzz of replacing the two major players of indirect Taxation; i.e. the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the Service Tax, which was currently prevalent across India.

The attempt of incorporating the GST under one of the major taxation papers, is an initiative to impart the knowledge and skills of the subject to the young minds and understudies right from the very beginning of their educational career so that they are well versed with the nitty-gritty of the subject and can deal with the same in a highly professional manner.

The course curriculum would definitely include every aspect of the Goods and Service Tax and would certainly help the student hone their individual knowledge and wisdom on the same. As a matter of fact, this would also give scope to the next generation Tax Consultants to be well acknowledge with the latest amendments of the world of Indian Taxation and would bring about a massive amount of employment.

Incorporating Goods and Service Tax (GST) is certainly a great approach of the different universities for not only making the students literate about the subject in concern, but also bring in a tremendous scope of employment for the young learners and tax enthusiasts planning to take up taxation as their profession in future. So, it is highly recommended that you enrol in the best college right away!

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Why Should You Opt for a BBA in Finance Program?

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate program that can be taken up after finishing school level education or after completing the 12th standard academic session. The junior level program helps students prepare well and begin early in the corporate sector. Many students wonder whether they would like to take up BBA in Finance course and pursue a career after completion. They tend to feel unsure whether BBA In Finance Course With 1 Yr Paid Internship is a good career option. Find out why it is worth taking up.


Sufficient training

Although a junior level program, BBA can offer enough training and education to finance students and begin their career as a junior level employee or as a trainee in finance and accounting companies. This type of program does not take a long time to complete but can offer specialized training in finance to students and make them job-ready.

Fast and effective course

Given that the course is offered for just 1 year, you do not have to invest a lot of time into it. You can easily complete it and gain the skill sets that are needed to enter the highly complex and competitive world of finance. You can get the competence in high quality and strategic investments and the knowledge to offer financial solutions to institutions, high net worth individuals, corporations and even governments. Despite the brevity, this type of course is very effective in preparing finance professionals of the future.


Pursuing this type of program can help you get job assurance, which is becoming a rarity these days. The paid internship can offer you an insider view into the life of financial professionals and the practical training that is needed to handle currency risks, domestic issues, international financial issues and stocks and bonds. You can plan financial transactions, work in advisory groups and learn how to manage relationships with clients. It is a good opportunity to learn on the job, and earn as well.

Varied options

On successful completion of the program and the internship, You can start working as purchasing executive, vendor management executive, shift supervisor, warehouse executive, operations supervisor or operations executive. You can gain practical knowledge to become a professional who is ready for the financial sector of the future. Over the years, you will be able to get the chance to move on to better career options, such as back office analyst, investment banking associate, stock analyst, financial controller, investment advisor, assistant consultant and commodity analyst.

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Get Guaranteed Job Through BBA (H) Financial Services Course

While Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) provides the platform for students to make a career in the corporate world, there are many specialisations available that further guarantees them a job. BBA (H) in Financial Services is one of them. Many institutes and Universities offer this course. Let’s learn more on this.


Financial Services – A Competitive Sector

In a booming economy, financial services play a critical role. The primary objective of the course is to train students about the sector and the curriculum is prepared according to the demands of the industry. It emphasises on practical application and most institutes take expert opinion and suggestion before finalizing the curriculum.


The primary objective of the programme is to groom and prepare those candidates who can not only be effective managers but also inspirational leaders. These students bring an innovative and refreshing approach while solving business problems and tapping new opportunities.

Understanding finance is no easy task. One has to be familiar with the economy and various terms associated with it. The course aims to familiarize students with the working of the finance market and services.

Main Highlights

Here are the primary highlights of the course:

  • Understand the tools and sills required to be successful in the world of finance
  • Apply the analytical techniques to solve problems in real time
  • Interact with industry stalwarts to understand finance
  • Get a chance to learn from qualified faculties who have practical understanding of finance

Career Opportunities

There is no dearth of jobs for those pursuing this course. In a developing economy, the finance sector plays a critical role. Many financial institutes need efficient candidates for various roles. One can bag jobs in:

  • Banks
  • Stock Market
  • Insurance companies
  • Financial firms
  • Commodities sector
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Pharma companies


One can work in the following designations after this course:

  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Relationship manager
  • Financial planner
  • Venture capitalist
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Equity research

To successfully complete the programme it is important for students to have an interest in financial world. They must understand minute aspects of the economy and know the various terms related to the sector. They should also have an analytical bent of mind and know how to tackle tough situations.  They must understand numbers and know about all the events affecting the sector globally. Experts believe the demand for the programme will rise further in the coming days. You may visit http://www.icajobguarantee.com/university/partners/centurion-university